The American Academy of Arts and Letters is an honor society of the country’s 250 leading architects, artists, composers, and writers. Each year it elects new members as vacancies occur, administers over 70 awards and prizes, exhibits art and manuscripts, funds performances of new works of musical theater, and purchases artwork for donation to museums across the United States.

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2017 Art Award Winners

The American Academy of Arts and Letters announced today the nine artists who will receive its 2017 awards in art. The art prizes and purchases, totaling over $250,000, honor both established and emerging artists.

2016 Blashfield Address

Garrison Keillor delivered the Academy's 2016 Blashfield Address titled "My Legacy, the Limerick." Each year since 1917, a distinguished speaker has been asked to deliver the Blashfield Address on some aspect of arts and letters. Recent speakers include Robert A. Caro, Elaine Scarry, Michael Chabon, Chuck Close, and Louise Gluck.